WorkDeep Learning Summit started. San Francisco, CA, USA
Summit topics:

• Deep Learning Algorithms

• Natural Language Processing

• Computer Vision

• Reinforcement Learning

• Deep Learning Applications

• Speech Recognition

• Pattern Recognition

• Video Analysis


• A line up of world-class speakers from academia, startups and leading industry sharing insights, expertise and the latest technology breakthroughs from the lab to the workplace.
• 20min presentations on emerging technology & real-use applications; fireside chats with founders; showcase areas for demos, and round-table seating for discussions.
• An overview of future trends in the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape and real-world use cases to understand how AI will impact your industry & create new business opportunities.
• Networking opportunities at the event facilitate a cross-industry mix of attendees to come together to learn, collaborate, exhibit and recruit in an interactive setting.


• Apple

• Art Software

• Capital One

• Cisco

• Fujitsu Laboratories of America

• Hitachi Solutions

• Lockheed Martin

• MaxPlay

• Microsoft

• New York Times

• NexStar Partners

• OneTouch

• PwC

• TechEmergence

• Virginia Tech

• Vocera

• Advanced Product Development


• Co-Founder

• Chief Analyst


• Data Science Engineer

• Data Scientist

• Engineering Manager

• Founder

• Head of Strategy, Digital

• Research Associate

• Software Engineer

• Sr. Research Fellow

• Sr. Software Engineer

• Staff Speech Scientist

• SVP, Computer Vision & ML