What can YOU do with half a million additional technology professionals? Too many? How about a few thousand?

One thought - fill up any missing puzzle pieces in your technology landscape.

Need new applications or upgrade existing ones?
- our award-winning tech teams can help...

Need new inexpensive prod-like test environments or sand boxes?
- you got it...

Need to have lightweight, lightning fast, scalable systems?
- move to reactive platforms with us...

Need blockchain based platforms to digitize your documents or processes?
- we own Documentorum.

Need hundreds of Data Scientists to uncover new insights from your data?
- just look at our 1200+ university research team network

Need to be proactive and have predictive technologies?
- we are NOT the last ones in creating AI-powered systems

Need faster analytics? How about 200 times faster?
- did you try MathDB? Maybe you don’t need it to be that fast,
but in case you want it - we own it.

Are you a data-hungry business?
- then we can collect, massage, clean, store, structure, analyze and
visualize data for you so you can monetize on it.

Need to train your workforce?
- how about free 100+ online tech courses, or affordable in-class
intensive training...

You think it’s all expensive? think again. When you are tired of hunting for the right talent - don't waste your time anymore, let's have a talk, we can even provide a AI-Powered Human Capital, Talent & Project management tool - we own it.

I am not joking about dozens of prod-like environments.
Have you seen uber-like systems built in a few months? We can show you - if you don't tell anyone.
You CAN have better, more secure and ready for your business growth environment and at the same time lower your technology cost by moving away from older technologies.
Scary – YES, but doable. We work in parallel and do not disrupt your business.
Migration should pay for itself. DO NOT FORKLIFT (do not use tractor parts to try to make a Ferrari).
This is your chance to Rethink, Rearchitect and lose all that extra weight that you been carrying for years.
We can dream and co-create with you. Maybe you even will have a chance to try that crazy idea to balance your work and life…

Andrei Moscalev Intela CEO

Andrei Moskalev
37 years in the technology wilderness.
Still alive and still enjoying it.