03/15/ 2018

After our Data Science -- Machine Learning -- AI Bootcamps (9-12 Mar, 2018) in Calgary (Canada) and Cupertino (USA) we got testimonials from our students:

"Helpful overview for someone without a programming background but interested in incorporating AI in their business."

"Learned a lot in the course, the course instructors knew what they were talking about"

"Great lectures, deliver more than expected. Good value for money."

"The bootcamp provided a good overview of Data Science"

"The labs were nice because they were well written, and we could work through them independently of those who needed extra help, but the challenges were quite basic.
Tougher challenges would have helped us to get more immersed in the libraries we were learning about."

"It was a nice chance to learn about data science and machine learning. I really loved the lectures and contents. I would prefer to have more practice problems. (or even optional homework would be helpful to think and learn more about the topics)"

"The Facilitators are superb and demonstrated knowledgeable in the field and the deliver the lectures excellently"

"Great content and info. Some challenges with Jupyter on the first day, but easily overcome."

"This course was interesting. It covered a lot in a short amount of time. I thought the emphasis on coding and Python was a bit too strong. Because proficiency in Python could not be learned in a weekend, focusing on the real-life applications that we could have in our minds going forward would've been helpful."

"This Course delivered clearly on its description. As an introduction to Machine Learning there was substantial coverage of concept and methodology. While participants had a high degree of experience, I felt that it delivered on its objective clearly and that the instructors were able to bring advanced concepts to a level of general understanding"

"The content of the training is very rich and the instructors are excellent with well-grounded knowledge in respective domains."

"Bootcamp was engaging, educational and valuable."

"The choices of examples were really good, the amount of work you did to prepare the labs and slides before the bootcamp is really appreciated. It was great to see how you solved problems on the fly, handled all the situations professionally, and how open you were to questions. Your knowledge of the topic is very broad, and a lot of little pointers you threw in were really helpful. Really good set of problems, and carefully chosen hands on exercises. It would have been great if there was more hands-on problems for us to go through on our own, and maybe a few more problems for us to work on after each day, or even after the workshop, as our final projects, like something that we could use to show case to potential employers. The instructors are super friendly and respectful, and I felt very comfortable during the bootcamp."

"The instructor was accessible and knowledgable, if sometimes TOO generous in taking tangential questions in class. Nevertheless, the course was enhanced by his clear and down-to-earth teaching style."

"Good information was packaged in the 4 day course."

"Very practical for Data Analysis and Visualization. Got a bit loss for the modeling and statistic stuff.
May I suggest a reference as a prerequisite for basic statistics for student preparation."