Bootcamp description

Welcome to the multi-day, intensive Tableau Bootcamp!


This is a beginner-friendly, hands-on bootcamp, where you will learn the fundamentals of data visual analysis from Intela Data Scientists.

You will learn how to use a popular BI tool TABLEAU. 


Tableau is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for the fifth consecutive year.


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Participants must supply their own laptops.

Bootcamp Agenda

Day 1 Morning: Gettign Started with Tableau

What is Tableau? Learn about the importance of data visualization and visual analytics. Become acquainted with Tableau products. Walkthrough Tableau Desktop features. 

   Section Topics

  •    Tableau Desktop environment general overview
  •    Data pane
  •    Shelves and cards
  •    Projects, sheets, workbooks


Day 1 Afternoon: Connecting to Data

Data connection is an essencial feature of data visualization and analysis tool. Tableau can connect to all the popular data sources which are widely used. 

    Section Topics

  •    Data sources
  •    Connecting to RDBMS
  •    Connecting to Excel file
  •    Connecting to web data source
  •    Connecting to Hadoop data
  •    Data Joins
  •    Data Blending
  •    Metadata
  •    Working with extracts
  •    Data Interpreter
  •    Metadata Grid
  •    Split data


Day 2 Morning and Afternoon: Visual Analytics

Data, if visualized, is of much greater value.

Thanks to its flexible means of visualization and visual analysis, Tableau has gained immense popularity.
Familiarize yourself with the enormous wealth and flexibility of Tableau visual tools.

    Section Topics

  •     Hierarchial data and drill-down
  •     Sorting and Grouping
  •     Sets
  •     Filtering
  •     Formatting
  •     Forecasting
  •     Clustering

Day 3 Morning: Building Dashboards and Stories

You will learn how using dashboards you can build composite forms for analyzing complex data. Also, you will learn about the means of giving interactivity to your visualizations.

    Section Topics

  •     Building dashboard
  •     Dashboard layouts and formatting
  •     Dashboard actions
  •     Story points

Day 3 Afternoon: Mapping

Authoring maps in Tableau is as easy as dragging and dropping a field onto the view. Whether you're plotting disease outbreaks, tracking bird migrations, or analyzing public transportation usage, you can put your data on a map in Tableau. 

    Section Topics

  •     Maps in Tableau
  •     Geocoding
  •     Mapbox integration
  •     WMS integration
  •     ArcGIS integration


Day 4 Morning: Calculations

Tableau calculations are another flexible and powerful data analysis feature in Tableau.
You will be able to visualize not just raw data, but set an algorithm for preparing the data you need, implement an intermediate data transformation, and then display exactly the information that contains the most valuable information for decision making.

     Section Topics

  •     Calculation syntax
  •     LOD expressions
  •     Table calculations
  •     Aggregate, Date, Logic, Number, String, Type calculations
  •     Pill types


Day 4 Afternoon: Publishing and Collaboration

Understanding the importance of team work, Tableau developers took care not only of getting the desired result by an individual user, but also implemented the expanded functions of publishing of dashboards and working together on common tasks in teams and corporations.

    Section Topics

  •     Tableau Server
  •     Web authoring
  •     Publish to Tableau Server
  •     Device Designer
Schedule & Location



Event will take place at

National Technical University of Ukraine 'Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'


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