Message from Intela’s CEO Andrei Moskalev

Message from Intela’s CEO Andrei Moskalev


The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many flaws in current support systems that do not provide online & mobile services for education, social services, telemedicine, medical self-examination, real-time public communication, etc. It is not too late, however, to ensure further disruption is minimized by putting a comprehensive online learning environment in place, which will not only replace the need attend classes in person but improve the quality of instruction overall.

Integrated Tech Lab is ready to roll out several unique solutions for educational institutions and mobile government services.


Educational Services:

Integrated Tech Lab (Intela), together with the International Progressive Education Foundation and Cognitive Class is offering a full scale multilanguage online learning system that currently supports 1.6 million students. Intela is a partner of major MOOCs such as Coursera, edX and IBM Developers Skills Network which have a combined total of more than 90 million users.


Intela boasts advanced system capabilities and Intela’s LMS offers unique futures such as:

  • Virtual conferences with streaming sessions
  • Real-Time sharing for screen, chats, audio & video
  • In-person & Virtual competitions and hackathons
  • Self-graded tests and exams
  • Search and filter interface for accessing needed courses from a massive catalog
  • Integrated authentication & payment systems
  • digital identity protection by Sovrin network
  • Sport and music online training

 During the last 4 years, Intela provided many FREE in-class and online training for Kids, Universities, and Corporations around the world and brought digital diplomas and visas for international students to Ukraine to help with the country’s desire to go digital.


Please contact us at for any technical requirements.

The government in smartphone services:

Fully protected messaging system with digital identity protection utilizing Sovrin network that includes marketplace integrations for any social services