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Integrated Technology Laboratory LLC offers a new opportunity for specialists in Data Science and AI Engineering.

Become an online Instructor for IBM Coursera courses today

How it works:

1) You enroll for the course 'Advanced Data Science with IBM' 

2) You begin passing the course for 7 days of a FREE trial.

3) If you make great progress, we pay for you to finish this course and get a Certificate.

4) You begin a 1 month of probation working as a part-time remote Instructor (2 hours/day)

Your responsibilities will include:

- answering students' questions concerning the courses
- helping them to manage the tasks
- being a friendly and reliable mentor

5) After successful probation, you become a full-time Instructor for IBM Coursera course.
You can also expand your responsibilities and cover the course ’Advanced Data Science with IBM Specialization’

Qualification requirements:

- Master's Degree or Ph.D
- Advanced English
- Ready for a remote work

Will be an advantage:

- Master's Degree or Ph.D. in Computer Science

If you are interested, please, follow these steps:

1) Find a CV template following this link. We kindly ask you to fill out this template with your data and send us back with your Google Form submission

2) Please fill out the Google Form via this link

We will be happy to have you in our professional team.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via email