We bridge the gap between students and the industry by running Data Science competitions across hundreds of universities.
Students gain valuable exposure to industry-leading companies and experience competing against top-tier talent.
Companies get the chance to recruit the next generation of exciting hires.


Sponsor a Program


If you need a team to support and grow a specific area of your business we can custom tailor a program that will help students develop the specific skills required to support your Data Science and R&D needs.
From processing data to creating data visualizations and predictive models our team will transform a deluge of data into useful and malleable information. No matter which stage of data science evolution your company is currently in, we'll use our expertise in practical data science to create an analytics culture that will revolutionize your business. 




Help Alumni with their professional development by sponsoring a research team at your University.
Your sponsorship will provide University research teams access to cutting-edge big data and analytics software and will help train the data scientists who will be solving the world’s increasingly complex issues.  


Research Team


Big Data Technologies and Predictive Analytics Methods are used across  major industries such as IT, Medicine, Aviation, Agriculture, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry & Bio-Engineering, Robotics Technology, Transportation and Architecture to gain insights and can help make tough business choices. Our researchers apply Data Analysis and Machine Learning to gain value out of a cacophony of data from disparate sources. This data can be fine-tuned, optimized and visualized to fit the broad needs of your business. 

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