Intela free educational training took place in Kiev
On Aug 12-19 Integrated Tech Labs (Intela USA) hosted their FREE educational training in Ukraine to help Ukrainian Universities explore cutting-edge technologies. We believe in a very bright future for Ukraine and hope that our Data Science training will help unlock innovation and prepare students for a wide range of analytical roles in the era of Big Data. Hands-on training was conducted by Intela and IBM’s Cognitive Class experts. Data Science and Data Visualization bootcamps attracted 250+ professors from 50+ educational institutions representing 10 different regions and 28 different industries. There was a great interest in learning new machine learning and AI techniques and we are hoping this knowledge will be applied in Ukrainian institutions in a wide range of industries and will help to solve real-world business problems.


At the same time Intela-Edu issued several types of digital certificates for Data Science and Data Visualization bootcamps. This is a new type of digital trusted documents that can be validated anywhere around the globe in real-time.