First Ukrainian digital diplomas
03/22/ 2018

Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law (KCIBL) has joined the blockchain project for digitizing academic credentials in Ukraine. Documentorum has become the first blockchain network to provide digital diplomas, initially done for Ukrainian KCIBL graduates in March 2018.

Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law ( became the first Ukrainian University to provide digital diplomas to their graduates. This will allow students to confirm the authenticity of their diplomas in real-time anywhere in the world using the QR-code imprinted into the diploma`s image.

Documentorum ( global blockchain network provides solutions for Academic, Medical, Financial, Insurance, and other digital documents. Usage of a blockchain network eliminates any possible academic credential forgery and makes Documentorum the perfect storage option for sensitive or valuable information. The world's leading companies and Educational Institutions entrust Documentorum with their digital documents.

Besides comprehensive diploma information, Documentorum also stores scanned copies of Diploma Supplements. Information can be retrieved by any smartphone QR reader app anywhere in the world. Documentorum is agnostic to all document types and will help you to keep your academic, medical and financial documents organized and safe. The very first digital diploma for 'Doctor of Sciences in Economics' was issued to the Rector of Kiev Cooperative Institute of Business and Law - Tatiana Kaminskaya.


Documentorum services and benefits:

  • Document validation (You will never again need to validate your documents for your employer. It is instantly validated and trusted).
  • Digitalization makes you mobile and allows documents to be translated, and localized into their local equivalency, in real-time. simply by using the QR code on your document.
  • Safe storage and easy maintenance for all your academic achievements, certificates, badges and others in your own private DOCUMENTORUM VAULT that is accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy integration with all major social networks (Publish your achievements on social and professional networks to increase your chances to be recognized by employers).
  • Organize all of your documents, in one place.
  • Create your personal ‘Learning Path’ and be notified when new courses or training becomes available according to your own personalized preferences and goals.