Kids in Technology; How to Build Chatbots

Hands-on AI workshop with IBM Watson Assistant

All students who pass needed mark grade will get official IBM Cognitive Class certificate

All students will get a $1200 bonus to be used towards IBM Cloud service

Kids in Technology; How to Build Chatbots

by Intela & Cognitive Class

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Tableau offers free Tableau Desktop licenses for your research and educational processes.

To obtain your license for teacher and students you can visit:

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About us

Integrated Technologies Laboratory (Intela) University provides students the completely free opportunity to use cutting-edge platforms for all computing needs. Students can use the revolutionary MathDB data platform for Machine Learning to tackle real world problems – free of charge. We believe practical knowledge in MathDB combined with Data Visualization tools from market-leader Tableau, prepares students for a wide range of analytical roles within data-intensive fields such as predictive analytics, risk management, financial modeling, or information technology. Our goal is to provide our Machine Learning and Data Science expertise to students from across the globe to help nurture top talent and create opportunities for collaboration

Program initiative

Our goal is to provide free access to the best Data Visualization and Machine Learning tools to give you a competitive advantage in the era of Big Data. You will have an opportunity to collaborate with Universities and data scientists across a spectrum of industries to learn interdisciplinary Data Science techniques. We will help you to build your skillset in Data Mining, Data Visualization, Predictive Analysis and Data Management. Students will have the opportunity to leverage free cutting-edge cloud computing resources and use an array of techniques and theories such as linear algebra and distributed storage and processing — all to identify trends and solve problems with big data.

  • Become an Ambassador for our Data Science and Data Visualization Programs and get access to thousands of Data Science experts
  • Teach your own Data Science class and create your own team of data scientists
  • Receive expert assistance publishing your Science research and licensing R&D for your team
  • Provide paid training to Corporations
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  • Receive invitations to Data Science seminars and conferences across the globe
  • Utilize cutting-edge Machine Learning platform ‘MathDB’
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What can YOU do with half a million additional technology professionals?

What can YOU do with half a million additional technology professionals? Too many? How about a few thousand?

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Intela University provides opportunities for those who are interested in the art of data science all around the world to invest into themselves and their teams.

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